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In this market, you need to use as many effective marketing tools as possible to compete with the other listings in your area. We are absolutely passionate about marketing and are constantly evaluating and improving our techniques.

You will see based on the strategies listed in our Marketing Plan that we are an aggressive marketing team and very detail-oriented. But we would like you to know that we also feel that communication and good customer service are equally important! We will make every effort to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the service The Frank Neer Team will provide.

Here are the three phases of the aggressive Marketing Plan that we will use to get your home sold quickly for the highest possible price.

Our Real Estate Marketing Plan


  • We will prepare a Comparative Market Analysis to assist you in correctly pricing your home.

  • We will conduct a thorough walk-through of your home; noting amenities, and giving staging advice.

  • We will hire a professional photographer to take digital photographs of the interior and exterior of your home.

  • We will discuss making up a list of all the improvements that have been done to your home which might justify a price increase.


This is the fun part! Marketing is a passion of ours, so we are always working hard to find new ways to set your listing apart from the competition.

  • We will install a distinctive sign.

  • We will submit complete and accurate details regarding your listing to the MLS reaching thousands of realtors not only in our area but nationwide every day.

  • We will hire a professional photographer to take photos.

  • We will send out an Email Blast to over 5000 Realtors in the South Shore area.

  • We will produce a postcard featuring your home as a new listing and send out this postcard to a targeted market as well as have this postcard as a marketing "hand out."

  • Internet exposure is key! Coldwell Banker uses 900 different websites to advertise. Your listing including photos and floor plan will be advertised on the following top internet sites:

    • NewEnglandMoves.com

    • OpenHouse.com

    • Base.Google.com

    • ColdwellBanker.com

    • Trulia.com

    • RealEstate.Yahoo.com

    • Realtor.com

    • NYTimes.com

    • ColdwellBankerPreviews.com

    • Boston.com

    • Zillow.com

    • FrontDoor.com

    • And many more!


  • We will schedule and host a Broker Tour for your listing exposing your home to the maximum amount of Realtors at one time.

  • We will schedule and host an Open House if applicable at your request when possible. The Open House will be advertised online.

  • We will search the MLS for potential buyers. This is a little known tool to find agents who've stored 'prospect' information in order to search for listings that match a buyer's criteria. We can use your listing to search for buyers that are looking for a home just like yours! We will fax or email your listing information to all agents who have matching 'prospects' and follow up with a phone call to create interest in your home.

  • We will feature your property on this website.


During your listing, constant review and attention to detail are required to effectively market your property and protect your position. We will constantly monitor your listing until the day it closes.

Communication is key! You will hear from us a minimum of once per week, if not more often. We are dedicated to personally providing the highest level of service to each of our clients every day until their home is sold.

  • We will provide you with a copy of your MLS listing details for your review.

  • We will provide you with a copy of the detailed floor plan.

  • We will keep you informed and will stay in direct communication with you before and during the time your home is listed for sale.

  • We will be available by cell phone and promptly return your call if you must leave a message.

  • We will follow up with every agent who shows your home to provide you with up-to-the-minute feedback about price, condition, location, and potential buyer interest.

  • We will handle inquiries regarding the home, qualify interested parties, and pursue showing appointments with qualified buyers.

  • We will verify with the buyer's lender that they can qualify for the loan called for the sales contract.

  • We will order and review title insurance to verify and resolve any property encumbrances that could interfere with the selling of your home.

  • We will call the appraiser and provide him/her with statistics showing the value of the property.

  • We will work with the buyer's agent, and their inspector to negotiate any objections raised by the inspection of the property.

  • We will assist the title company in setting the closing and obtaining all information needed for the completion of the paperwork.

  • We will carefully explain to you all documents that you will be required to sign and provide you with copies each document.

  • We will attend and facilitate your closing and proudly present your check from the proceeds.


We look forward to working with you.